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Local Area Photos

on Betty Creek

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10251001 Cloudy sunrise (Grabowski photo)
10251002 Morning dew in the garden (Grabowski photo)
10251003 Fall wildflowers (Grabowski photo)

10161001 Fall color through the fog
McAfee Mtn ... my back yard
Betty Creek my corner
10251004 Bald Mountain Rd

Sunrise BCR (Paul M. Grabowski photo 1 - 7)
11180902 Barkers Creek Fall
11180903 Fall Vine Berries
11180904 Pickens Nose in Distance
11180905 Sleepy Holler off Betty Creek Rd
11180906 Fall at Chruch Rd
11180907 NC State Line
(Paul M. Grabowski photo 1 - 7)

10190901 Foggy River Fall Foliage
10190902 Dry Falls (Cullasaja River)
10190903 Dry Falls

09200901 Black Bear morning snacks
09200902 Black Bear morning snacks too
03010601 Top 100 Most Beautiful Rustic Vacation Sites Pg 1
03010602 Top 100 Most Beautiful Rustic Vacation Sites Pg 2
02110603 Top 100 Most Beautiful Rustic Vacation Sites Cover

07050503 Rabun Robin (Photos by Dwain Shaw)
07050504 The Million Things She Gives Us (Dwain Shaw)
07050505 The Whole Ben (Dwain Shaw)

06290301 Sassafras Rock Cabin
06290302 Walnut Falls Cabin
06290303 Cherry Bluff Cabins
06290304 Caught in the quiet (Photo by Dwain Shaw)

06290305 Coming close (Dwain Shaw)
06290306 Everything comes together (Dwain Shaw)
06290307 I never saw so much spring (Dwain Shaw)
06290308 Summer sequence (Dwain Shaw)

06290309 Write me a poem (Dwain Shaw)
Trilliums on the mountain (5 minutes away)
04250302 Red buds and dogwoods in front of the cabins

03290301 Forsythia at Cherry Bluff
03290302 Flowering quince under old willow March 29
03300303 Same quince bush March 30
03300304 March 30 snow on the mountain

00100601 Meet the Parrish's (on Picken's Nose Mtn.)
11090202 Hunter with Hounds

10260201 Our Little Piece of Heaven
10260202 Leaves in the Creek
10260202 Maples by the Ponds
10260203 Old Glory over Sumac

10260204 Sassafras Rock in Color
10260205 Walnut Falls in Color
10260206 Foot of the Mountain
10260207 Cabins (SR/WF) Framed in Gold

10260207 Cabins (CB/CG) Framed in Gold
10260208 Sumac and Maples
10260209 The end of the Road
10260210 Welcome to Turnstone
1015021 Betty Creek (
1015022 Betty Creek (
0828021 Swallow Tail Butterfly

0828022 New Spring Pond
0828023 Spring Pond Falls
0828024 Springer Mountain Appalachian Trail Begins
0828025 Sassafras Mountain Trail

0828026 Take a break by the creek
0828027 Gooch Mountain Shelter
0828028 After the Thunderstorm on the AT at Hawk Mountain
0828029 In Blood Mountain Wilderness

1017011 Golden Popular - 2001
1017012 Tesentee Valley- 2001
Red Maple Splendor -2001
1008014 Ben III's pet mule deer

1008011 Maple Tree Color
1008012 Sourwood & Dogwood
Butterfly on flower

0725016 Close-up of Laurel flowers
0725015 Summer mountains
0725014 Rhododendron in mountains
0725012 Trail with Laurels
Laurels in the Mist
Snow on Walnut Falls
102010 Waslick Poplar
(2nd largest in the USA)

102001 Fall Foliage
102002 Autumn Display
102003 Hiking on Bettys Creek Trail
102004 Maples on BC Trail

102005 More maples
102006 Valley Fall Foliage
102007 Snow on Cherry Bluff
102008 Snow on Sassafras Rock

AT1020 Which trail should we take?
AT1019 Here's an AT Privy
(Yep, it's open air!)
AT1018 PlumOrchard Gap Shelter (nicest on the AT)
AT1017 Wait up guys

AT1016 Dave at Courthouse Bald
AT1015 Steve, Ben, Paul at Coleman Gap
AT1014 Evening Coffee at Muskrat
AT1013 Rest break from hike

AT1012 Hammock at Muskrat Creek
AT1011 Bly Gap
AT1010 Ben at Sharp Top Mountain
AT1009 After 4 days on the trail

AT1008 Paul, Dave, Ben at NC/Ga border (AT)
Dave, Paul, Steve at RidgePole overlook (AT)
Grilling steaks at Plum Orchard Gap Shelter (AT)
Relaxing at Plum Orchard Gap Shelter (AT)

Distant view east off RidgePole overlook (AT)
Setting up camp at Carter Gap Shelter (AT)
Taking a break at Bly Gap on the trail (AT)
AT1001 Steve, Dave, Ben, Paul begin 35 miles on the AT

051790 A black bear outside my office window (spring)
Laurel Blooms above cabins

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